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Amnesia (dub) episode 1 at gogoanime

However, after a few episodes of ghost trolling, by introducing a flirtatious maiden who is way too attractive to be a spirit, the anime starts taking a serious turn. Soon, the story drops into a rather eerie atmosphere where it takes you through some nail-biting mysteries and unpredictable plot twists.

And though while doing this, it does take some damage along the way; in the end, it turns out to be surprisingly good. These are mostly used for reflecting the personality traits of the characters and because of this, it is bearable for the most part.

The visuals of the show are surprisingly gorgeous and are able to capture the dusky undertone of the haunted school. The show received a lot of love from many anime viewers and some would even downright claim that it is the best out there. Considering its popularity back in the day, many fans were sure that it will receive a new season but strangely, that never really happened.

The show also drifted away from the manga. But if it still somehow finds its way back to the source material again, there is enough material for a few OVAs. However, now that a few years have gone by since its release and the popularity around it seems to be fading away, the chances of getting an OVA season also seem low.

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Since the past 60 years, the dark corridors of the Academy have been haunted by the troubled spirit of a young woman who had mysteriously died in the basement of the school. The spirit whose name is Yuuko has no clue that she is dead and has no memories of the incident.

One day, a chance encounter le her to a student named Teiichi Niiya who somehow has the ability to see her.

After she tells him about everything that she has been going through, he decides to help her out. Yuuko Kanoe is the troubled spirit of a young girl who had once mysteriously died in the oldest building of Seikyou Academy.

Amnesia ova episode 1 english subbed at gogoanime

After the incident, she had lost all of her memories and would just lurk around with no purpose until one day she is discovered by a student named Teiichi Niiya. She is quite a beautiful girl with a lean body and long black hair. She has brown eyes and when it comes to her clothes, she just keeps shifting between the new and the old uniforms of the school.

As a ghost, she has a scary and cold aura but she is actually a fun-loving person who enjoys talking to people. When she is not spending time with Teiichi, she usually wanders around the corridors of the school which le to the creation of many new ghost stories. Teiichi is the only human she interacts with after all the years of constant loneliness and aimless roaming.

But Yuuko hates to mention her as a relative as it makes her feel really old. Kirie has short black hair and has some resemblance to Yuuko. Compared to her, she has a more athletic looking physique and is also less curvy than her.

Kirie tries to act all cool and displays a very confident attitude around everyone. But later, it is revealed that she can easily be broken down by sudden frightening events. She also feels jealous of Yuuko, especially when Teiichi gives her a lot of attention. Teiichi Niiya is a first-year middle school student for the Academy who stumbles into the ghost of a girl who had died 60 years ago.

He then helps her unravel the mysteries behind her past and also her cause of death. He is 14 years old and has medium length blond hair. Despite being so young, he is very courageous compared to his seniors and bravely walks through the old rusty corridors of the school.

He also shows a lot of maturity and takes the whole matter very seriously. Momoe is a second-year junior high school student at the Seikyou Academy and is also a prominent member of the Newspaper Club. She has an obsession with horror stories and after she somehow finds about the Paranormal Investigation Club, she forces her way in and becomes more of an informal member of the group.

She speaks very politely with everyone and does so even when it is not necessary. Like almost all the other female characters in the series, she also starts to develop a thing for Yaami. She not only likes him because of his braveness but also for how kind he is to everyone around him.

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On the morning of August 1, the heroine wakes up and discovers she has absolutely no memories of the past.