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Refworks. UBC Theses and Dissertations. Featured Collection.

[slg] banquet of sadism act [english]

Buckels in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Examining Committee: Delroy Paulhus, Psychology Supervisor Mark Schaller, Psychology Supervisory Committee Member Jeremy Biesanz, Psychology Supervisory Committee Member Karl Aquino, Business Administration University Examiner Anita DeLongis, Psychology University Examiner iii Abstract Although psychological conceptions of sadism have traditionally viewed it as a clinical-forensic disorder, there is emerging scientific interest in the view that sadism extends to the normal range of personality.

Sadistic personality is defined as an enduring tendency to enjoy cruelty toward others. To capture the full scope of this trait, I constructed and validated a self-report questionnaire—the Comprehensive Assessment of Sadistic Tendencies CAST —deed to assess three overlapping, but distinct facets of sadism, covering enjoyment of physical violence, verbal aggression, and violent media consumption.

The instrument produced excellent internal consistency and test-retest reliability estimates. Overall CAST scores were positively associated with other malevolent traits including aggression and the Dark Triad of personality: psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianismbanquet of sadism negatively associated with prosocial traits such as empathy. Convergent validity was demonstrated by high correlations between CAST scores and those of alternative unidimensional sadism measures.

Subsequent research Chapters demonstrated the predictive and incremental validity of the CAST, including the unique contributions of the three subscales.

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Historically, sadism was viewed as a sexual disorder exclusive to criminals, but there is accumulating evidence that sadistic tendencies can be observed in normal i. In this dissertation, I review the psychological research on sadism Chapter 1.

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I present evidence that sadism predicts cruel Internet behaviors online trolling; Chapter 3 and draws negative impressions in face-to-face interactions Chapter 4. I show that sadism predicts abnormal judgments about harm, and the effects are due to sadistic pleasure Chapter 5. Across all studies, I find consistent evidence that sadism predicts outcomes independently of overlap with other malevolent tendencies.

Sadism is a personality trait that is meaningful, measurable, and worthy of further investigation. Authorship Notes Chapter 1: I wrote this chapter in full, with minor edits from my advisor.

Chapter 2: I wrote this chapter in full, with minor edits from my advisor. I created Tables and Figures Chapter 3: This chapter is based on research reported by Buckels, Trapnell, and Paulhus and Buckels, Trapnell, Andejelovic, and Paulhusin addition to unpublished. Figure 3 and Table 8 are reproduced with permission from Buckels et al. Table 9 is modified from Buckels et al.

I shortened and edited the content for the purposes of this dissertation. Tables 12 and 13 are modified from tables reported in that manuscript. Chapter 5: This chapter is based on research reported by Buckels et al.

Tables and Figures are reproduced with modifications from that manuscript. Chapter 6: I wrote this chapter in full, with minor edits from my advisor. Background Theory and Research on Sadism Subclinical Approaches to Sadistic Personality The Current Research Research Goals and Hypotheses Method and Item generation Exploratory factor analysis undergraduate sample Exploratory factor analysis community sample Confirmatory factor analysis Descriptive statistics Inferential analyses Additional Validity Evidence Trolls Just Want to Have Fun Research goals Analytic strategy Sadism and Pain Perception Sadism and Moral Judgment Final Points Implications for the Dark Tetrad Model Directions for Research on Sadism Other Sadism Measures Dark Personality Measures Online Trolling Measures Empathy Measures Motivation-relevant Measures Comparison of Sadism and Psychopathy Trait Associations Trolling and Dark Personality Associations with Cyberbullying Parallel analysis with principal components extraction and raw data permutation Confirmatory factor analysis of the item CAST questionnaire Dark Tetrad scores as a function of favorite online activity Positive affect as a mediator of the relationship between sadism and culpability judgment in the intentional harm condition Also to my committee members, Banquet of sadism Schaller and Jeremy Biesanz, for their invaluable feedback and involvement in the examination process.

On a personal note, I could not have completed my degree without the support of my husband, Shawn.

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Thank you to everyone who helped me to this stage! Paulhus, 2 research grants and awarded to Jeremy C. Biesanz and 3 doctoral scholarship awarded to Erin E. Darrow was a criminal lawyer who opposed the death penalty in the United States.

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Despite his strong objections to the inhumane treatment of criminals, he admitted to personal gratification from human suffering. He likened his affective returns to the pleasure experienced by killers, and he reasoned that he was not the only person to feel this way.

I will word that allegation more cautiously—instead arguing that the human appetite for cruelty is more universal than polite society would have it. From a personality perspective, there are meaningful, and measurable, individual differences in behavioral tendencies that persist over time and situation.

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I argue that sadism is no exception. Indeed, recent empirical work suggests that the strength of dispositional sadism varies dramatically in normal populations, with some individuals reporting and exhibiting reliably stronger sadistic tendencies than others e.

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The more common variants of sadism involving, for instance, enjoyment of verbally humiliating others or playing violent video games may lack sexual or criminal features, but they involve pleasure from cruelty all the same. This dissertation delves into the psychology of everyday sadism.

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In Chapter 1, I review scholarly theory and research on sadism. As most sadism research has employed a clinical-2 forensic lens, my literature review covers both disordered and everyday varieties, with a particular focus on definition and assessment. In the chapters that follow, I conceptualize sadism as a personality construct and develop a self-report questionnaire containing three facets of sadistic tendencies covering enjoyment of physical cruelty, verbal cruelty, and cruel forms of media entertainment.

I validate the new sadism measure using a combination of survey and behavioral research techniques. Evidence from the new measure, and other available measures, is marshaled to build a nomological network around the sadistic personality.

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Finally, I evaluate the appropriateness of adding sadism to a comprehensive taxonomy of dark dispositions Paulhus,and consider the implications of sadism for the prevalence of cruelty in everyday life. Background Theory and Research on Sadism Philosophical origins. Why is cruelty rewarding to some, but abhorrent to others? This question figures centrally in psychological theories of sadism, and its philosophical roots run surprisingly deep.

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