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Best visual novels with h scenes, Aesthetically best visual novels with h scenes search friend to chatting

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Valentine's Day might be over for this year, at leastbut what did you do, gaming-wise? Did you have some steamy encounters with some of your favorite erotic visual novels? Wait, what exactly is a visual novel? The unacquainted see the genre as a repository for saccharine boy-meets-girl-and-dates-girl's-best-friend love triangles or perverted paradises of bunny girls, but there's way more to it than that. There's a VN out there for just about everyone, no matter what you're into.

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Forgot your password? You may have noticed this tier list style is slightly different from the S through F that most people use. This month, I plan on starting on learning Japanese. So don't be surprised if a JOP tier list comes eventually, but not for a while. So meat pot yes, defenseless anus nah huh.

Best h-scene(s) in visual novels you read?

Good work, focusing on the important aspects of life. I approve. A h-scene topic being created on my birthday??? You guys know how to bring me back! To keep the conversation going, I'm gonna share my top as well, since this list have a dangerously low amount of gay in it.

I'm just gonna list them because paint is hard man. In no particular order. I remember someone doing a topic like this with a huge work on h scene which one were good or not on a google doc.

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It was posted around one year ago if I remember right. Now that I think about it, someone has a clue about the name of this topic? I second that Gii x Atti scene it was absolutely beautiful, romantic and not only that, well written. That's quite a dedication I must say, so good job there.

Also I would like to admit that usually I skipped the H scenes, mostly because you can review it at the extra menu lol.

The conversation

Why did you value this time presentation and writing instead of personal "fappability"? Have your criteria changed over time?

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Am I considered a deprived human being if I recognized almost all of them from the pictures alone. I won't argue whit that. Yes indeed i have all vol of Nekopara and finishd it twice. You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your .

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Facebook Twitter. I have created a top 40 favorite Visual Novel H-scene tier list. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted September 4, edited. Link to post Share on other sites.

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Thyndd Posted September 4, Posted September 4, So meat pot yes, defenseless anus nah huh Good work, focusing on the important aspects of life. Scenes that were good because they were damn hot: Michael x Neil in this order from Shingakkou ofc : shorter guy tops taller guy, yes please. The only consensual scene rip with Azusa from Omerta : after so many troubles, abuse and violence they went through, this was so sweet and satisfying.

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Tbh, the last scenes with Kiryu, Luka and Tachibana from Omerta because damn, this was one sexy game: the participants were really into it. Scenes that were good because its writing was a masterpiece: Shirou x Rin? Matt x Maki wanting to fuck in Maki Fes! Mr Poltroon and mitchhamilton Like Loading Kirashi 36 Posted September 4, Ranzo Posted September 5, Posted September 5, Ichigo 6 Posted September 5, Azgn 0 Posted September 5, Posted September 6, Personally I think the Nekopara sex scenes are really great.

Posted September 6, edited. the conversation You can post now and register later.

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