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Here is a list of all of the sun locations in the game perhaps not in the correct order : 1. Right-hand wall of cell in workhouse, above the repaired wall 2.

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Above the town square; the ship weather-vane changes into a sun 3. In the dirt near the bridge 4. In the eave of Emily's house 5. In the blacksmith area on Craft Street, near the vise 6.

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On the pier, on the canvas above the coal-fired generator 7. In the shack on the pier, on crossed boards above Poseidon's head 8. On clock face in Emily's house 9. On broken beam in the first section of the mine, on the upper right-hand side of screen In the spider web on the lower right-hand side of screen in the deep mine 3rd section of mine On the sunken ship near the skeleton in the lake On the wall of the dam In the first aid box in the lumbermill On the covered wagon near the forest edge On the tree in the Workhouse yard In the Elder's Room, on the wall above the broken beam On the gate of the vault in the cemetery On the chainsaw in the drained dam In the shattered glass on the railway tie in the forest thicket On the tree stump in the glade leading to the Altar of Balance On the broken glass in the lighthouse, did they take them out.

Thanks, family.

Beyond the invisible: evening walkthrough

Please link to the original you found the locations at, or credit them. We can't copy from another website without acknowledgement. If I ever do, I will let you know. I'm sorry for any trouble though. Please do let me know if you have any other questions or concerns and I'll be happy to do whatever I can to help.

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I don't know if that is the problem or not - I haven't played this game, although I do have it in my Purchase History. I found this information about them on the Steam forum for the game: Quote. The extras on the main menu are unlocked by finding all 21 sun s during a single playthrough.

Beyond the invisible: evening walkthrough and guide

Sun s can be found all over the game fading in and out of existence making them easy to miss. There is no free play for you to collect any after the game ends and many of these are entirely missable with the areas becoming no longer available once you have completed all actions within them.

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Good luck with it. I double-checked and I still can't find any further information about these being removed, but it does look like that's not showing up and there doesn't appear to be an extras section in the game after some more research, so that does look like it might have had to have been removed probably quite some time ago.

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I'm sorry that this is the case, but it looks like the full game is still available, so if you do decide to finish, I hope that you enjoy the rest of the game even without these features! Steam has a web showing pictures of where the "suns" are located. I have the Big Fish version and started the game and so far haven't seen a single sun in the locations they've shown.

Unless you're expected to sit their waiting for 10 minutes for each sun to appear, which I can't be bothered to do, I don't think they're in the Big Fish version. So that's 5 people now who didn't see them -- the two people who posted at Big Fish forums inthe Big Fish tech who helped you, myself, and yourself, who didn't see them.

I wouldn't worry about them. Thanks, Jenny. Good to hear your take on this.

Unless you want to play the game again, family, you probably shouldn't waste any more of your time on this. I haven't played it and maybe you already know about this, but there is another Beyond the Invisible game, which you can find here. Oh, good to know.

I will look forward to playing the one I have in my Purchase History. Moderated by BrownEyedTigreMarian.

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Beyond the invisible: evening

Don't feed the Trolls. Thank you! I found this information about them on the Steam forum for the game: Quote The extras on the main menu are unlocked by finding all 21 sun s during a single playthrough. It sure doesn't sound like the suns have been removed from the game.

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