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Carl is a puppet character focusing on strong setplay and amazing mixup potential.

Carl's Drive is tied to his doll, Nirvana. Moving Nirvana and using her attacks drains her the Doll Gauge. With Nirvana, Carl is capable of amazing pressure, looping unblockables and strong okizeme. Carl must track Nirvana's position at all times, as he strongly relies on her for neutral and offense.

Without Nirvana, Carl's weaknesses become much more apparent. He has low life and no true reversal. Additionally his grounded movement is rather committal without Nirvana. This means that Carl must play around Nirvana properly at all times.

Carl is a difficult character requiring tight execution and good awareness. Thankfully, this comes with a high skill ceiling.

Carl rewards players with a strong offensive gameplan and solid neutral. Nirvana has her own life bar. It goes down when Nirvana is active, uses an blazblue carl, or gets hit by the opponent. If Nirvana's life bar reaches zero, she will be disabled and slowly recover health, and is unusable until her health is full plus a small recovery animation. A general purpose low poke. Sadly lacks much of its utility from games now Nirvana has no standing overhead, but still not without use.

Many of Nirvana's attacks have much less recovery and are more comboable when Carl activates his Overdrive. The major changes will be defined in brief detail in the move description.

For the frame data of a specific OD-enhanced move, please refer to Carl's frame data. All drive moves may also be performed when Carl is airborne. Nirvana's low attack, used in combination with Carl's standing overhead to make unblockable attacks. Note that only the first hit is a low. Nirvana's new move replacing her old overhead punch, meaning Carl has much less access to unblockable setups now, but instead gains a very powerful combo move that you can use to force mixups on your opponent.

The infamous dangerous defense.

With Nirivana positioned behind an opponent, Carl can combo out of his CA using 6D to switch sides and immediately start pressure. Not the most damaging Distortion Drive, but it doesn't need to be. Often used on block to basically force Carl's opponent to stay still and block while Carl can freely try a of mixup options to try and open them up.

Be wary that you aren't completely impervious to damage while in this state since a blazblue carl moves can both hit Carl and launch the player to safety if timed correctly. One of the few Overdrive-only distortion drives. Nothing particularly exciting, but it does make for a very highly damaging combo ender. From Dustloop Wiki. His academic career would not come to fruition however as Carl would eventually drop out to become a travelling vigilante.

Together with his sister, Ada, whose soul is trapped in the Nox Nyctores Nirvana, Carl goes out to search for his father in order to stop whatever plans he may hold.

Carl clover

Carl's Drive revolves around controlling Nirvana. Hold the D button to activate Nirvana, release D to deactivate. Nirvana will attack by releasing the D button while either holding a direction or after completing the inputs for one of her special moves. Note that the directional inputs required for moves is based on Carl's current facing, not necessarily Nirvana's.

However, if Carl blocks or gets hit, most of Nirvana's moves will stop and she will deactivate, and she can't be activated until Carl recovers from the blockstun or hitstun. Carl's overdrive grants Nirvana a power up. Nirvana recovers faster from her moves and many of her moves gain new properties.

Nirvana's walk speed is also faster and her meter recovery speed is also increased. Carl also has access to a new distortion drive during OD. Carl Clover. Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded. Throws have their throw range listed instead.

Startup Shows how many frame that the corresponding move needs to go through in order to reach its active frames. Occurs after Startup. Recovery Shows how many frames that the character must go through after blazblue carl active frames to automatically go back to a neutral stance. Frame Adv The difference between the attacker's recovery and the period that the opponent is in blockstun. This frame advantage value is based off the fact that the very first active frame touches the opponent. Attribute Some attacks are invulnerable to attacks with specific attributes.

This notes what attributes each attack possesses. Independant Projectiles will have their Durability level listed.

Attribute and Hitbox Invincibility information. Hits crouchers. Has a very long cancel window, making it good for staggers. Jump cancellable on block, which allows him to easily set-up airdash high-low mixups with the doll. Has somewhat short reach, but its range has be increased by cancelling into it from a dash. Also a staple move in combos and pressure.

Although its invincibility frames start later than 6A, its smaller vertical hurtbox during startup makes this a very useful anti-air arguably even better than 6A in some situations. Fatal on counter hit. Not the best jump-in move. Can be varied with j. Combo stable due to its relativly good damage and ability to cancel into j.

Causes a groundslide if opponent was hit in the air. Grants fatal on counter hit. Very expensive move. Version Damage Guard How this attack can be guarded. Excellent anti-crossup blazblue carl Long untechable time, allowing for various combos. Can be used while Nirvana is in hitstun to prevent easy kills on her.

Big up front damage, but rather expensive to use. Cannot catch airborne opponents. Combo throw, unlike versions, this move can be comboed into and cannot be throw rejected under any circumstances. The A version Can pass through opponents from frame while the B version Can pass through opponents from frame but be careful since you still can be throw out of both versions. The A version is Projectile invul from framewhile the B version has head and upper Body invul from frame When used when Nirvana is attacking, can be used to cross up your opponent by forcing them to swap the direction they're blocking in Generous Head and Body invulnerability on the B version, while it isn't projectile invulnerable like the A version, it can still low profile a lot of projectile attacks.

Carl is in a Counterhit state throughout both moves. On block goes into 37F recovery animation.

Ends the air combo unless Nirvana can get her own hit in afterwards. Hits appear in 4F intervals, each hit has 8 Active Frames.

Projectile does not disappear on hit, leading to favourable trades. During this time, Nirvana cannot be interrupted by hitting her or hitting Carl. Active Frames for the normal version are: 3 12 3 12 3 9 3 12 3 12 3 12 6 9 6 20 5 26 5 38 6. Carl Immediately begins recovery animation on block for 46F One of the few Overdrive-only distortion drives.

If it fails, Nirvana's gauge is depleted entirely. BlazBlue: Central Fiction e. menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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Currently, he is after Ragna 's bounty and the Azure Grimoire, leading him to become a vigilante.

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Military Academy.

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He grew up in their family household, becoming fond of playing chess and the violin, but most of all, playing with his older sister Ada.

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He is a playable character in the BlazBlue series.