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Chatropolis is one of the more unique websites I have reviewed, and I am excited to introduce it to you. This website has multiple areas and touches on a lot more than just the adult entertainment industry.

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Titty Twister. Register.

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Chatropolis Guide. Reply Chatropolis Guide. Serene Admin.

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This is a very brief guide for first-time users of Chatropolis. Chatropolis is made up of two sections, essentially. The main official rooms which use BB Code, and can all be listed here: chatro It uses html coding, and so the avatar codes in the Titty Twister room will not work in the main rooms and would need to be converted to BB Code.

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Sophie owns our room and together we all make it what it is. The complete list for the Underground can be found here: www.

Here is their userlist: magnachat. Titty Twister So, there you have it!

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Trouble entering our chatroom? New to Chatropolis?

List of alternatives

The most difficult thing for many chatters in coming to Chatropolis is the prevalence of very large avatars. It makes following the scroll quite difficult when a room gets busy. Don't worry, you will get used to it! When in Auto Scrolling mode, your scroll will be set at the bottom of the screen and you will automatically be updated with the most recent comment.

When un-ticked you are free to control the scroll yourself, ideally using a mouse wheel, the side scroll, or as I do it using the keyboard with a combination of the arrow keys and the space bar. Next, you'll need to know what all the buttons do! If you look at the top left you can see that there are pull-downs. The default will be "says to" and "All".

The only pull-down which is private e. So you'd need to select whispers, and then select the user who you want to whisper. Normally people pick a user to "says to" in the room in public as well, to make it more clear who they're speaking with. This isn't so essential and might seem a bit difficult at first. For the other buttons, "Submit" just enters and sends your message the enter button does the same thing once you've typed something chatropolis main. Now, the "Config" button opens something up on the top frame which gives you other options to customize your font, and change your screen name, add a "Who Is" message that is shown when someone "Who Is"'s you, as well as to change your message filtering which might make it such that you could, for example, you don't see images or don't see any html coding whatsoever.

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There's some other options too but these are the basics. How do I wear an avatar? Usually is the typical average height of an avatar in Chatropolis. As for getting the images for avatars, we suggest that you make a Photobucket and them yourselves there. Photobucket has a basic editor which will allow you to touch up and personalize your images.

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Once you have your code, it's best to think of that code as your chat-name, as that's what it is. So when you are at the entrance to a room, you paste that code into the screen name area.

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Once in the chatroom, you can press "Config" and then you'll need to put your code into "New Screen Name" and submit. How do I change my font?

Chatropolis is actually a shocking sausagefest!

Here's some codes for different font colours: www. Once inside chat, press "Config" and go to "Message Prefix". Paste the code there and submit and away you go!

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Titty Twister Bar Chatroom. Chat Captains. Here you can keep up to date with our events, our regulars, share images, videos, and more.


Once you you will find our forum's shoutbox on the right hand side. Sophie : The fabulous Aussie owner of the Titty Twister Bar, Sophie made all of this possible and is our resident tech guru. Stacey : Coming up with the Titty Twister concept and marketing ideas for the room, Stacey is the second of our three admins.

Serene : Responsible for the des of the chatroom and forum, Serene is the third Titty Twister admin and one of our regular quiz hosts.

Our new persons

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Some pornographic websites are contributing to the resurgence of the chat rooms all over the internet.

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Young perverts today have it so good.

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I did this once to mediocre response but I believe this should be a permanent thing for those that wish to use it.

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There is a wide range of chat rooms and topics to choose from, and a real potential to meet someone fun and interesting!

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The worlds hottest Adult Chat Site, rooms with overusers.

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Our goal is to give you the information you need to find the right chat room for what turns you on most.