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passion Dulce


Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex. Using tumblr with an easy, clean and efficient interface was my goal.

Name: Flo

Years old: I'm 24 years old
Available to: I love male
What I prefer to drink: Champagne

Stag husband of vixen hotwife. Both in early 40's with young. Gradually convincing my wife to be bred by her boyfriends. Agnetha was a lovely and delicate Norwegian young wife. She was a stewardess and had married Daan two years ago. To have babies had always been her dream. She had always felt very feminine, very fertile and ready to give life. Sadly, and they tried a lot, they never managed to have babies, she never got pregnant. They tried all the natural remedies and nothing worked. She had a close friend, Jacey, a Black Norwegian who advised her to give the chance to something different, maybe… another man.

She knew a man from Angola named Guelo. He had already helped several White couples to have babies. He understood that she needed to be pregnant by a natural way, and even consider it as an act of open-mindedness toward foreign cultures, an act against racism. He told her she could do it, that he would stay with her to take care of their Black .

After this, she asked Jacey to organize a date between her and this Guelo, so they can do what it needed to be done to get her pregnant. Once in their hotel room, she went to the bathroom to dress as hot as possible. She put black lingerie, very skin-tight, with gater belt.

Her Blonde hair dressed as a ponytail, she removed her wedding ring. She was now ready. When she left the bathroom and went closer to the bed, she saw Guelo laid on it, naked. He was very handsome, muscular, tall and… with such a Big Black Cock. His long and thick cock was laid on his very well outlined abs, just under solid pectorals, his strong arms behind her head. Of course she was, very aroused too. She had never seen such a cock, and barely such a nice body. She laid on his side, timidly putting a hand on his abs just above his cock.

It was hard, he was so athletic. Agnetha was shy, it was like it was her first time back when teenager.

She slowly put her hand on his pectorals, then moved back to his abs before closing it on his cock. She began to stroke him, his cock was already so hard, so heavy. She felt lucky to have this privilege, to have such a handsome man just for her.

She stroked, then fondled his balls, stroked again, fondled his balls… She enjoyed this huge Black cock, already Blacked in her mind. A lot of White women understand it every day. She slid on the bed, getting cuckold breeding tumblr head close to his cock, and took it inside her mouth. It was hot, her mouth and his cock were very hot.

Stroking his balls at the same time, she sucked him with passion. He looked at her, another Nordic Blonde giving all she had to please him…. He felt his sperm warming up inside his balls, it was time to penetrate her. So he grabbed her by the waist and laid her on the bed, and then slid between her legs. His right hand on the bed to support himself, next to her head, he used his left one to tear off her sexy panties, putting in open-air and without defense her delicate and shaven Nordic pussy.

He threw it next to the bed, took his cock, and then pushed in her, penetrating her very wet and tight pale pussy. She had forgotten what it was to fuck a stranger after so many years of a relationship. Opening her mouth when he entered her pussy, no sound came, she was breathless.

A little blood flowed on her chin, his Black cock was now all in. He fucked her, very hard. She moaned, yes she moaned, he was dominating her, fucking her. Her legs wide-open, she felt each thrust inside her pussy, her labia stretched at their maximum. His African Phallus was in her European body, she felt its will to colonize her, it was so strong, beautiful.

He kept going, making her his bitch for an hour until she was barely conscious. Her legs were flitting under his pressure and fierce thrusts, her pussy was bright-red. When he cummed, it was as strong as a waterfall. She was copiously bred by his African cock delivering tens of spurts of pure seed. His sperm flowed back from her filled pussy and ran on her thighs, but he still had some more. So he fucked her again, harder, ruthlessly, until he came a second time in her to properly empty his balls. He had given her more sperm in one fuck than her husband in a year.

She felt her ovaries already working to use this seed to their best. He pulled back, leaving a destroyed and wide-open but impregnated fertile White pussy. Then he left, checking his diary to know when was his next breeding date with a Nordic female…. Her hormones were driving her crazy with lust and she needed to be fucked. He promised to pull out which he did. She assumed he was going to shoot his cum over her belly or tits but he blasted every jets all over cuckold breeding tumblr gaping pussy!

Then he grabbed his still stiff cock and sunk back into her, pushing a large glob of cum deep inside! Your wife regularly goes out of town on business trips with her boss. You think nothing as she is preparing for another one. This time she will be gone two weeks. You discussed starting a family and she came off of birth control. Her boss also knew y'all wanted to start a family. He convinced her, rather easily, to let him breed her. Home Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Breeding My Hotwife Stag husband of vixen hotwife.

Via captionmaster. The Beautiful Wife. A Black Lover to give her what she Wants Once in their hotel room, she went to the bathroom to dress as hot as possible. He looked at her, another Nordic Blonde giving all she had to please him… He felt his sperm warming up inside his balls, it was time to penetrate her.

Via polkadolk. Via sharingiscaringgirlfriend. I want nothing more in life than to have my wife make babies with black men At least my wife promised to never let black men wear condoms. Now to find her first one.

Via slutwifeworld. Via snaporaz Via swellifyoumakeherswell. He sure comes a lot as he claimed! Via perkytittiesperm. Via socalhubby. Next Home Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Observer theme by Zack Sultan.

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