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Name: Selma

My age: 32
Where am I from: I'm serbian
Eyes colour: Cold gray-green eyes
Favourite music: Dance

Return to Free sexy games. Getting to Know Christine Anniversary Edition En, Sp, Fr Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Geils Band, "Now hold on, this song has a little introduction to it. I was I eventually found a few of Shark's games, and that led me here. Well, the incarnation of here, at least. Now, the internet isn't a very friendly place, especially to women, and I often pretend to be male on internet forums.

In the profile, I click the "male" button and call myself "Mike" or "Tim" etc. At the time, the lagoon had a few female members, and, thankfully, they were being treated respectfully. That made me interested in participating here, but I was still a bit nervous. So, while I didn't overtly pretend to be male, I obfuscated my gender. I left the gender option blank and intentionally chose a name that ended in "o" since many people associate that with male names.

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Then, while posting, I never referred to my gender one way or the other. So, we talked about various games, and it was fun. Then one day someone posted a link to "Date Ariane. Ariane showed me what these games can be.

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Though she credits Japanese visual novels as her inspiration, it's my opinion that she created the genre that I participate in. She influenced others as well, including Chaotic. I devoured his early games, though was frustrated that they didn't work on my browser. I used to fix the code myself so that I could play them. Partially to encourage Chaotic to write games that I didn't have to fix, and partially to encourage others to write ArianeB-style games for me to play, I created a tool called "Adventure Creator.

Getting to know christine

I saw some success in this endeavor, as a guy named "Phreaky" started using Adventure Creator to make his own games. I was happy, but also disappointed with a few of the trends I was seeing. All of the early games that were inspired by Date Ariane followed the plot, "Meet a girl for the first time, get her drunk, and you can have sex with her. If you see something you don't like, you can complain about it, or you can lead by example.

I chose to do the latter. He agreed, and I gave it a shot. The first thing I learned was that these games are a lot harder to write than they seem to be. The second thing I learned was that there were a ton of things I could change in Adventure Creator to make game creation easier. And then I screwed up. At this point I was a heavy poster on the lagoon but had never done anything to confirm or deny my gender.

Getting to know christine free download

I'm pretty sure that everyone thought I was male. But, when I tackled rewriting Phreaky's game, I skipped a scene and had one of the characters say something like, "Tlaero didn't implement this scene because she thought it was too much work. Obfuscation was one thing, but I didn't want to outright lie. So, I "came out" as it were. Anyway, I offered to do an actual collaboration with Phreaky.

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I took over the writing and programming of his next game, "Virtual Date with Keeley" and then did all of the writing and programming of the games after that. We started doing games where you had multiple dates before sex, and you didn't need alcohol to do it.

When it came time to do our third game I later ed the first two into a single one called "Meeting Keeley"I wanted to change another common aspect of these games. At that point, the entire plot in all of them, mine included, was, "Meet a woman and convince her to have sex with you. The end. This was my first attempt at writing an erotic game with an actual story.

Getting to know christine pc game description

And it did remarkably well. The GtkC thread on the lagoon has posts, and it's still the second highest rated game on Play Force One. We're coming up on the 7th anniversary of Getting to Know Christine, but, unlike the other games I wrote with Phreaky, I never updated its code or rereleased it.

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That original version doesn't have save games, and I'm pretty sure the download version doesn't even work on Chrome. It's the same game you played originally, with the same pictures, but it has all the modern conveniences of my current games, with a menu, multiple saves, and the ability to export and import them. To test this version, I played through it for the first time since I released it.

I was surprised to see some things that I've used in later games. Like, remember in RfJ where after Jess kisses you, she says you could have squeezed her rear?

Getting to know christine

Apparently, I unwittingly lifted that from my own game. I was also surprised at how obnoxiously hard it was. The first time I played it, I failed. And thank you for playing my games over the years. I've replaced the original version of GtkC on mediafire with the updated one. Here's the link. Edit2: I've updated the link with a French translation by Marco Last edited by tlaero on Sat, 18Feb17edited 2 times in total. The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.

It's weird and unsettling that in these modern years someone would feel cautious to "come out" as a woman, moreso on the internet.

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Thank you for this gift, tlaero. I have so many memories associated with this game. Still remember that intense car ride scene. I was hooked to your games since then. That's ran a dozen on-line Erotic Story boards in that time too. I know how difficult it is for women to express their version of Adult Erotic Romance on the net.

Website of the week: getting to know christine

Basically your swamped with perv messages filling up your private messages and creeps. Thank you for braving the 'Wilds of Adult Games' and adding your voice and vision to the genre. Your works are truly a breath of fresh air, revolutionary, interesting, engrossing true classy Erotic story telling at its finest. And most of all you've turned the female characters of these games.

Getting to know christine free download

Into real woman an human like with individual personalities deserving all the respect and dignity real woman should be treated. Where as before they were just objects. So thank you for coming out of the closet sort of speak. And saying.

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This is how Adult Gaming should be done. Perhaps, just perhaps it will change the attitudes of those playing them.

Getting to know christine

Change their attitudes in regards how they treat real life women out there in the real world. GtkC inspired me to create my game and Tlaero helped me to do that. Tlaero - thank you for all. After that, I wanted to find more, and came across your Keeley games.

Getting to know christine

I don't remember whether I found them here or came across this site some time afterwards, but it was definitely those games which kept me coming here all those years ago, originally as a lurker until I ed up last year. Ever since then, it's always been an exciting event whenever you release a new game.

I played through the whole Keeley-verse again a few months ago, and GtkC did stand out for the reasons you mentioned, but I always thought the checkpoint system worked well enough. It's nice to have the option of saves though, so thanks for taking the time to update it. Re: Getting to Know Christine Anniversary Edition by pot » Sun, 18Jan14 I actually replayed this game not too long ago since it was my introduction to games in this genre. Glad to see it updated. Re: Getting to Know Christine Anniversary Edition by Brocho » Sun, 18Jan14 That really interesting backstory, very little of which I knew about, explains why you use the name Tlaero, even though you've said that you prefer the name Tlaera.

I've wondered about that, but never thought to ask.

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