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Ashley is one of the good looking girl in House Party and you probably looking for ways how to get her without spending a lot of time in the game looking for answers and clues. Go to the bathroom, the first door on the left. And the phone is just on the side of the sink.

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There are two paths you can go down with Madison with different endings, one ends with you being able to strip and pose her, the other ends with clothed BJs. Put Paper first, then Pencil on the book in the Master Bedroom, then pick it back up to get safe code.

The blackmail path as of 0. Make sure Ashley is not around, and ask Madison for a reward, this will start a quest to embarrass Ashley. Wait till Ashley is not feeling well, then tell Madison that Ashley wants to talk to her this is just to make sure Madison sees the prank.

How to get ashley in house party (original story)

There is currently only one path with Rachel, ending in getting laid. This is the longest story in the game. Wait for Katherine to go to the Laptop, then ask her to send a series of fake messages.

The internet will go down. The router is on the top left shelf of the cupboard in the Study.

House party game walkthrough and endings guide

Turn it off and on again. There is only one path for Katherine, ending in getting laid. At this point, entirely optional of course, you can pose her on her knees, flop it out and rub one off all over her face, this will not stop you from getting to the end of her story.

You can ask him this right in front of Frank for instantor go tell Frank that Patrick is hiding booze. Man of the House — All Dates — Walkthrough. Blood and Lust Walkthrough. Thats in the right drawer of the desk next to frank.

Make sure Derek and Madison can not see you and youll be fine. Step three is getting Dereks shirt. Talk to him, he will say no, pick the option about the petition.

Go to the desk where you got the credit card, use the pc and create the petition, then use the printer next to the pc. Go and ask everyone in the party to it, make sure to save before each one because there is a wrong answer to some. Step 4 and the last one, there is a broom in the room with the rocking chair, go into the closet and its on your left. Take that and then take the speaker that isnt playing music. Go outside and behind the hot tub there is a patch of soft dirt, use the broom on it, then use the speaker. Turn the speaker on, turn the one inside off and Stephanie will go outside.

Get her drunk in the usual way and make her dance topless, tell brittany and she wil go downstairs. Brittany will then have the option to go into the hot tub, try a few times until she stays in then talk to Amy, tell her brittany is in the hot tub and that is the end for now. Guides Walkthroughs. David 4 years ago. Tip 4 years ago.

House party madison walkthrough guide

Question 4 years ago. What i exactly need to say when talking to Ashley in madison quest????

Henry 4 years ago. Any 1st step is to get a old credit card. Search for: Search Button.

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If you want to know everything you need to conquer Amy and enjoy all the scenes that House Party has prepared for you, we invite you to read very carefully the next section of our House Party Guide.