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This is a list of Kingdom Come: Deliverance quests. Click on the title of the quest to get more information about it. Not all side quests are available at all times.

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This chapter contains a walkthrough of the side quests available in Rattay. You will reach this city after completing the Homecoming main quest, but not all side activities will be available right away. How to unlock: This quest is unlocked automatically after completing the Homecoming main quest the conversation with Theresa. The second solution requires you to lie to Hermann using persuasion that Peshek kingdom come deliverance side quests him. If you can manage to do that, the hangman will leave the house - if you fail, he'll stay. In the first case, you will just have to sneak into the house pry-open the door and open the chest with the ring.

Take Dead man's ring back to Peshek. He will send our hero to the Miller in Kohelnitz - it's a small household where you can meet Woyzeck. If you have the ring, Woyzeck will be very pleased. You will unlock the option to sell stolen goods Woyzeck is a fence and learn Stealth. Furthermore, if you are interested in thievery, Woyzeck will have some additional well-paid work for you. Ask the Bailiff about a job you can find him inside the rathaus or while he is walking down the streets. He will give you this quest.

Help him find the best people from Skalitz who can carry water, can take care of emptying the latrines and do the cooking. Speak with him about every possible topic. Find Alex, one of the refugees. He is a beggar. Talk to him about finding people who are interested in work. You learn that he needs a little bit of time to gather up everyone in one place.

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Wait a few hours and reach the yard next to the rathaus. There, you will meet everyone this place is presented in the picture. Speak with every person and select every possible dialog line. You are also approached by Antonia she wants to work as a water-carrier and by Theresa who asks Henry to get jobs for both Antonia and Vincent you don't have to make a decision right away. You have to find a new cook. Meet with Konrad Hagen he runs a shop in the town.

He says that Agnes is the perfect candidate for that job. Find her in the local church.

Kingdom come deliverance: side quests

She isn't interested in this work because of her promise made to Father Francis. You can try to find the priest. He stays at the church in Sasau. Speak with him and you will learn that he doesn't plan on going back to Rattay.

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Go back to Agnes and tell her about Father Francis' decision. You can also encourage her to work if you impress her.

You receive 35 Groschen for completing the quest. Don't forget about visiting those who promised you a reward they are beggars and can be found in the town's market or on the main street that goes through the town. Huntsman Berthold can be found outside of his hut in Rattay. He can give you a quest where you have to recover three nightingales. You receive 3 Empty bird cages. Remember about taking a Saviour Schnapps with you to save time if you run into a problem.

Also, don't save your game until you complete the quest. Otherwise, the conversation with Berthold will be blocked and you won't be able to finish it. Nightingales can be found in Vranik forest which is next to the fort with the same name. Start near Peshek's farm, head north, climb a hill when you reach the opposite shore and then go west.

Kingdom come: deliverance side quests guide

Leave your horse when you reach the part of the forest that is marked yellow riding a horse here can cause a bug and start searching for the birds. This is also a good moment to use a Saviour Schnapps. The game doesn't give you any markers during this quest which means that you have to find the nightingales by listening to their song Berthold can "demonstrate" it to you at the beginning of the quest. The indicative places are presented in the picture above points B, C and D.

Stand in a place where a nightingale's song is the loudest. Open your inventory and find the bird traps the last tab.

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Hold the button to drop the cage and select only one bird trap see the picture. That cage should land on the ground - the picture above shows an example. If you don't see it then it means that you have a bug. In that case you have to reload your game before you dropped the cage and repeat all the actions.

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Go back to the first cage after you have placed the third. The first nightingale should be inside of it - the picture above shows a "full" trap. Wait a little bit longer if your traps are still empty or change its location to one where you can hear the bird's singing better. Go back to Berthold with three full Bird traps don't save your game between these parts of the quest!

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You receive 40 Ordinary arrows and 55 Groschen. You can speak with Hans Capon again after completing The Prey main quest after rescuing him from Cumans. Find Capon in the fort the southern part of Rattay, right next to the refugees' camp. He asks Henry to visit a bath house together. You have to meet with him during an evening so reach the bath house at around pm. Find the door that le to one of the back rooms and speak with Capon. Hans suggests that Henry should play dice with Zdena.

You must play three times. If you manage to win with Zenia, try not to bankrupt too often or risk too much money. You can also use Saviour Schnapps in advance an additional cutscene will take place, and you will receive Strip Die. Regardless of the outcome of the game, the quest will be renewed and its next part will be the same. Speak with Lord Capon and place your clothes into the chest. Hans' another request is to bring him wine.

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Head to Rattay's rathaus. You must go down to the basement.

Kingdom come deliverance: side quests

Enter the armor smith's shop, go through it and reach the closed door presented in the picture. You can now act in a few different ways:. Inside, the first thing that you have to do is to collect Pitcher for wine. After that you must approach one of the barrels and get Sylvan red wine. Go back to Hans. Your next objective is to get flowers for Klara. Go to the Upper Castle in Rattay.

There, you have to find the passage on the right that lets you access the back of the castle. You reach the garden presented in the picture. Pick up a few flowers including one rose and you will get a bouquet. The game plays a cut-scene.

After that you will have to face Archibald. This fight isn't difficult but don't let the enemy corner you because the room is rather small. Henry wakes up the next day. Find Hans Capon in the town and speak with him once again help him decide whether he should punish Archibald or not.

You receive a little bit of Groschen and you complete the quest.

This task and the following tasks Robber Baron are easy to miss. You won't learn about these quests by meeting NPCs and asking them about the newest gossips. Instead, after completing a side quest Next to Godliness you have to find Hans Capon in Rattay on your own.

Depending on the time of day he can be found in the lower castle in the city or in the inn marked in the above screenshot he should be sitting on one of the benches in front of the inn. You will learn from Hans about the planned meeting with Hanush, but firstly, you will be asked to wear the appropriate clothes.

Go to the lower castle, get to the Hans' room and take out all the clothes from the chest.

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This will likely be the first side quest you come across, unless you flee from Rattay immediately after waking up there.

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This contains a list of side quests that can be unlocked in Sasau, that is the town itself, the monastery that stands next to it and a few smaller nearby locations.

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This will likely be the first side quest you come across, unless you flee from Rattay immediately after waking up there.