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Kingdom hearts 3 big hero 6 walkthrough, Thai chica picking kingdom hearts 3 big hero 6 walkthrough especially for life

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San Fransokyo is a sprawling metropolis home to the Big Hero 6, a team of super heroes. Hiro and Baymax will aid you for this battle and their help is welcome indeed.

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The last stop on our journey, at least as far as Disney worlds are concerned, is San Fransokyo. First off, you need to take out the Heartless on the bridge. Here you can Save, Shop, and grab the Lucky Emblem on the board.

Treasure chests

The next objective is to run through the rings all over San Fransokyo. Head towards the beacon that Hiro has placed on your map, and then defeat the Heartless. Next up is a Boss Fight. The next task is to take on the dinosaur Heartless boss.

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When you move in for the kill, aim for the section halfway up its back to do more damage. After a while, the boss will retreat to the top of a nearby skyscraper. First up is Go-Go. To save her, make your way to her beacon. Jump on top of it and walk it into the enemy.

Next up is Fred.

Kingdom hearts 3 (kh3) re:mind - san fransokyo walkthrough

Dodge into the posts to break the chains. This will free Fred. Next we have Honey Lemon.

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Head to the enemy and look for the small areas of colored light. Use the corresponding spells on each one to break them water for blue, fire for orange, thunder for yellow. Run up the side of the building.

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Drop down and use a dive attack to break the enemy. A boss fight now, with the mysterious Darkubes. This fight is simple once you realize you can only do damage to the cube at its core.

Kingdom hearts 3 (kh3) re:mind recommended article list

Spend your time dodging until you can attack this core. Finally, we have Dark Baymax to contend with. Avoid his attacks while flying after him. Remember to shoot as you go, breaking obstacles and doing damage. For this final fight, use Interceptor Wing as much as possible, and keep your distance. Treasure Chest 2 is to the East, atop the tall rounded Skyscraper. It is under the landing p.

Kingdom hearts 3: san fransokyo (walkthrough and guide)

This one is near the last one, atop the building with billboards on top. It is located in the center of these s.

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There's a wide array of enemies to take down in the Big Hero 6 portion of Kingdom Hearts 3. There's the usual Heartless fodder, and some pretty formidable bosses.

Kingdom hearts 3: san fransokyo (walkthrough and guide)

Early on, you'l come up against a giant dinosaur Heartless. Then there's the nano-machines which entrap the team. Finally, you'll fight an evil Baymax. Roblox Imposter codes [July ].

Kingdom hearts 3 (kh3) re:mind - san fransokyo walkthrough

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