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I'm not worried about the no end routes for now, pretty sure most are suppose to be C ranks anyways, and I just did something stupid to glitch the one ending in my last post. With this I've found: All 4 C ranks 6 of the 11 B ranks 3 A ranks another one was reported for the constitution path and I'm sure intellgence has one as well, but I haven't check them out myself, I'm just listing what I've personally found And the S rank although I have no idea how to get it now, but I'm sure it still involves the evil spirits and getting pregnant, unless Gore re-wrote the ending.

Every ending I have gotten has Kora accepting the spirit and beating the demon no matter my two choices.

The legend of krystal vg

For those that don't know, this is the Intellegence line. I love these sorts of domination scenes, but I can't seem to get Krystal fully dominated by the demoness for the life of me I have tried corrupting the Priestess and leaving her uncorrupted, I have tried both allowing the spirit and not allowing them, in both scene 1 and 3, but no combination seems to work!

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Thank you for releasing an actually finished flash game. It's so rare I don't even know what to say really. So many of these around yet so many unfinished or halfassed, but you've done an awesome job with this through all the updates and the sheer amount of content compared to any other LoK game.

And for the first time, I've found myself actually playing for the story - not just the porns. The characterization was awesome and the game was just fun from beginning to end.

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Awesome work. There's a 'secret ending' who's parimeters to get have changed that kinda relates to what you want, but if you are talking about just the three events for intelligence, no.

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Also each event is independent from each other, and only the last even effects your ending. On a related note, I decided to tackle intelligence.

Legend of krystal vg

I did flex 1 and 2 to drop morality by a safe amount and then got intelligence back up. But i don't know what's the meaning of the options in the random encounters with the wolves. What's up with that?

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Another finished product to add to the forums, congrats Gorepete. Now we must wait for somebody who is not Humbird0 or Gorepete to finish a game for the forums I've tired with few other options, and always got it no mater what stats I had otherwise. Good god where to start Oh I know, Thank you works.

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The diligence put here has been nothing short of inspiring. As one that kinda sorta started the entire Krystal flash thing.

Legend of krystal forums

I will never live that downI'm so pleased to see it have come so far. As well as finally seeing something get complete with the initial idea that the forum was made for. This is the new standard. And I hope going forward we use it and it's ideas.

The legend of krystal vg

So, here's to other bigger things with this. We have seen it one, now go forth all others and let's make it happen again. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

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Here goes another few hours. Here's what I've found so far.

Legend of krystal vg

Logic is telling me there should be another silver for both strenght and constitution and for whatever reason I somehow didn't trigger them. Pretty sure gore said nurse is the only silver you get for not finishing a path Edit: By the way I tried doing the no ending no morality and loyalty for Strength again. I had Strength over 50 fought the dark wolves both times and only did one strength event and the game froze up at the end screen again.

So, maybe that really is the missing B rank strength, ending and I need to try constitution no finished paths as well.

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Or giving out an fla so maybe someone else can make one? When you get to the screen with Krystal and the lizard sitting in the hut and the 'Start Week', 'Schedule', 'Chat' and other buttons are, nothing happens when you click on any button. The swaying animation for both krystal and the lizard continue, but none of the buttons do anything. Using firefox, and yes flash player is up to date.

Also tried on IE to no effect. Post a reply.

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