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Midnight Paradise v0. However, after a failed year at college, his life starts to fall apart as he returns home to face the consequences and those he left behind 2 years ago. New saves made in the current update will always be compatible with future updates. However, you do NOT need to restart from the beginning of the game if you do not want to.

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One sentence review - A sexy game that makes you feel as if you'll never have sex again. After so many updates you'd think you would have gotten somewhere Con: Milfy City for the poor. Really, again and again it shows that the developer took story or setting elements from Milfy City and changed details.

Also, the writing is terrible at times, the story and character relations lack credibility. Teenager TV serials have a more believable plot and more believable characters. The game was obviously written by yet another basement Russian - it shows in spelling and grammar, in the outlandish plot, in the ragged sex scenes and in the typical Eastern European faces with high cheekbones.

[ren'py] midnight paradise [v elite] [lewdlab]

Pro: Why three stars then? At least it's got a plot, the map gently opens up along with progress in the game, and the renders are good. I'm curious to know how the story continues after 0. Note: I used the "unlimited money" cheat and thus cannot say to which extent grinding is a demotivational factor.

Very good game, I'm not putting 5 stars for one reason: the main plot.

It's not bad, but I really don't care. I'm playing this game for the naughty bits, and having to go further in the main story to unlock next character steps is completely killing the mood. Other than that, the game is excellent, the models are gorgeous and the scenes are hot. Animation is very good Models used were very good. Characters are pretty good story-wise. Only complaint is the unskippable cutscenes towards the later chapters, but the voice over one was better than expected.

I hope you build out the school a bit more, and maybe add a built in hint system.

I would be very happy to give this game a well-earnt 5 star rating. Obviously I did not. Let me explain why.

The game is top notch at almost every aspect. A real feast for the eyes. But there is one issue which is a major showstopper. I fully understand that it is fictitious. But does this mean it also has to be annoying and ridiculous? With a proper story and this game would be 5 stars without doubt. I get that it is a sandbox, but come on! This is WAY too much grind! Your balls will hurt after playing this game due to a lack of H-scenes The story sucks and you can tell that the dev is making it up as he goes along.

Based on version 0. Visually this game is stunning and the female characters are all very attractive.

Midnight paradise [v elite] [lewdlab]

My biggest problem with this game is that theres no choices and you are forced to be a pervert douchebag that thinks with his penis instead of his brain. You cant advance the story without walking in on your sister while their being naked or being a creep while they are sleeping. I understand that this is a incest game but some of the lewd situations are beyond stupid. You drop your phone while driving and your sisters being nice and picking it up. The game then forces you to touch her ass.

Lastly, not a fan of sandbox and repetitive nature of this game. This game is best described as "Blueball Paradise", handjobs, thigjobs, blowjobs, boobjobs are all you'll get, there is only a single, short penetration scene.

Disappointing, at least the animation quality is really good. I rarely write reviews. I did enjoy some parts of the game but it is not a masterpiece. I am not supporting the creator on Patreon so for me the game is free, I am well aware of that. Also I have no clue what it takes to develop a game. All criticism comes with great respect for the things this creator is doing and doing better than others. Spoilers ahead. Visuals Many have already commented on the good quality of the renders and animations so I will skip that point.

Personally I feel that something is off with the faces sometimes but it is subtle and doesn't break the game for me. In fact I got used to it over time and it didn't bother me, they were still hot. I don't need it to be that realistic but I am not complaining.

It is very clear that the creator is proud of his work and it shows in his renders, I don't blame him. Writing Many have commented on how retarded and unlikeable the MC is and I agree, but he is not the only one. None of the involved characters have any rational explanation for what they are doing.

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The drug subplot is entirely silly, the Russian mob consists of two people one of whom is unable to keep her knickers on and just hands out a warehouse to the same guy who trespassed in their territory and stole from them? Just because the MC is asking? The shady Mr Thorne hands over a laptop and a car to the MC and then just leaves him alone? There are 2 or 3 interactions so far with him, and that is the man who supposedly can put you in jail at a moment's notice. Regardless of who the family is, the MC should be dead within the first 30 minutes of the game.

There should be some kind of explanation for why the people behave as dumb as they do.

The family situation. Seeing it as anything else but family is just not possible but I have no problem with that. Perving on the female members is the whole point of the game, also not unexpected after DoD and I have no problem with that either.

However there is no buildup whatsoever, the ladies get naked within minutes of playtime. It has been mentioned that all boxes are ticked when it comes to the usual game tropes and that is true. More often than not I was reminded of Man of the House albeit with better renders.

The mom, two sisters one bratty, one nicethe bathroom scenes, yoga, creeping at night - it's all there. Also the movie Secretary came to mind but I can't blame anyone getting inspired by that. The choices There are none so far except you can pick one girlfriend over the other.

That's it. Considering that you don't know any of the two and are not made to care anyway the choice is meaningless. The morality stat can block a few sex options or what passes for that but maybe there is still something coming later. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Two stars for good renders, but Lewdlab screwed the pooch with story pacing.

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Midnight Paradise v0.