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Compare the ambitious early version of Halo to the final, more confined result, for example — and only the PC could hold sprawling regions in the very first Elder Scrolls games. These days, open world can be considered its own genre. You can find accurate depictions of real-life cities or countries, huge fictional expanses with their own landmarks, complete worlds to check out — or even entire galaxies, depending on where you want to go on your next open-world gaming adventure. The cool thing about the best open-world games is that they can come in a variety of forms: the important feature is that they allow you to explore freely. As such, our list of top open-world games features everything from the best FPS games to car games.

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Every now and then, a game crosses our path and is one we can cozy up to for hours on end. Open-world games can be riveting, or they can be frustrating and tedious.

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The scale of open-world games can be both its strong and weak suit. On one side of the spectrum, we have games with enormous maps that are time-consuming to traverse. With focused gameplay, however, open-world games can provide immersive experiences that have immense replay value. The realism of these maps is awe-inspiring. Love or hate the following games, they are some of the highest-selling in gaming.

Chances are you've played at least one or all of these. These are the most realistic open-world games. Updated on December 22,by Reyadh Rahaman: Whether one enjoys exploring the wild or diverse combat, this genre offers many satisfying challenges to players seeking them.

The boldest adventurers find the best loots; the best armor and weapons. Things that make further exploits not only easier but more enjoyable. The sense of accomplishment that comes with painting a map by banishing the fog of war is one that usually rings in the minds of gamers as special achievements that they have claimed in the name of fearless conquest. Some of these epic gaming quests have become renowned the world over for how fun and replayable they are.

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Despite being released more than half a decade ago, Dragon Age: Inquisition is still fondly remembered by a huge of gamers. It was even dubbed ' Game of the Year' in for its immense fun and immersive gameplay. With a very in-depth character creator, players could sculpt their perfect being for this world full of fantasy adventure.

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One can even choose from a of different classes with a bunch of varied skills and weapons. The possibilities are staggering for the kinds of wild wizards or wrathful warriors one can ever conceive of. On top of that, the areas are colossal enough for players to literally get lost in.

At first, what appears like a hybrid of a stealth game and another Tolkien inspired one then reveals itself to be a wanton way for gamers to ram across Mordor while leaving a wake of orc blood and possessed husks behind them. There are huge maps to explore and a great many missions to accomplish in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Though, all aspects involve a world steeped in deep lore than fans of the Lord of the Rings movies and books will be sure to love.

Although the gameplay and story take some liberties with Tolkien's Legendarium, it is meant to immersive the player into the world with fun and open world adult game aspects; such as the enemy orcs that are immensely full of character and individuality. As an action-packed and incredibly refined game, God of War took the world by storm. Add the tremendous legacy left by games in the series combined with new lore set in Norse mythologythis game is truly groundbreaking on many levels.

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Intricate storytelling pulls the player into a fun and challenging world full of a variety of enemies and even a few puzzles. The combat is also stellar and places importance on equipment and strategy in addition to reflexes and observation. The perfect game for those who love hunting down and slaying abhorrent monsters. He's a renowned witcher in the Northern Realms who often have quite a variety of adventures besides the usual fiend-killing. One can enjoy card games, dialogue-based intrigues, and even partake in the dating scene, if one dares.

With lots to see and do, this action RPG feels almost like a life simulation game, one that has great dark fantasy elements in addition to well-deed and balanced combat. There are few games as expansive or rich in story as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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As the Dragonborn, one can galavant about the most northern province of Tamriel and slay dragons before consuming their souls. A gross oversimplification for this incredible game, though one that sums up just how awesome one's time in Skyrim can be.

A variety of character creation options, settings to explore, and sometimes hilarious sights to behold and exploit make this nordic adventure one every appreciator of open-world games should play at least once in their life. When No Man's Sky launched, it was missing features and was riddled with bugs.

Among the missing features was online multiplayer.

The best open-world games on pc

Now, developer Hello Games has delivered on their promises by adding multiplayer, among other things. The difference between what No Man's Sky was when it launch and what it is now is a night and day difference. Open-world exploration in No Man's Sky is spectacular.

The scale of the game is so large that it is impossible to traverse. Traveling between star systems is a thrill in No Man's Sky. It is the most realistic interplanetary travel game to date. Open-world exploration in the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto V is more than we could ask for. The expansive fictional city of Los Santos contains plenty of intricacies that keep players engaged for hours on end. This is Rockstar Games' most realistic Open world adult game Theft Auto game, and bargain hunters can buy it for cheap now that it's been out for a while.

Although the cars, people, and places are fictional, their creations were inspired by the real-world. This game about stealing cars could be the most realistic open-world game. Through a series of updates, there were ificant improvements made to the gameplay of Fallout 4. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world like the other Fallout games. Its expansive open-world is what keeps Fallout 4 surprising, to say the least.

Using the Pip-Boy is an intuitive way to find your way around Fallout 4 's barren wasteland. On your expedition, you'll find remnants of the old world and many vaults that add to Fallout 4 's open-world. Ten games later in the series, Assassin's Creed continues to surprise players. In one way or another, its story revolves around the Animus.

The Animus is a device that allows a person to interact with their genetic history. Through this device, players can relive their ancestors' lives. As the latest game to release in the series, it offers the best open-world experience in the series thus far. With gorgeous visuals and top-notch dialogue, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is one of the best open-world games to dive into.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most recognizable open-world games on the PlayStation 4. Players are immersed in a world where robotic dinosaurs run rampant, and humans are brought back to their primitive state. As protagonist Aloy, players embark on a journey to defeat the machines and prevent them from wiping out humanity. This is one of the most spectacular open-world games to launch on the Playstation 4. Horizon Zero Dawn continues to surprise at every turnwhich is why we recommend you play Horizon Zero Dawn and all of its magnificent open-world. Developer Turn 10 Studios knocked this Forza Horizon entry out of the park by adding more open-world exploration, a more extensive lineup of vehicles, dynamic weather, and improved driving mechanics.

Although Forza Horizon 4 is based on a fictional land, it is loosely inspired by areas of Great Britain.

Download open world games free - best software & apps

The scenery of the game is breathtaking. Open-world has never looked as good in a driving game.

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Forza Horizon 4 is a must-play for driving enthusiasts and open-world exploration players alike. Some players were taken aback by Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain 's storytelling, which was scattered throughout the game rather than focused. Open-world is not something familiar to the Metal Gear Solid series, and it would seem as if the storytelling suffered. The sense of realism is above and beyond. Developer Insomniac Games' rendering of New York City is the closest representation we've seen of the city in gaming yet. Touring through real-life locations like Central Park is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring.

Future open-world games can learn a lot from Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. Although it is possible to fast-travel in the game, the city is so detailed and immersive that you won't want to. It will be a while before we forget the brilliance put into Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. Sure, players can steal cars and drive, but that is one of the few things the two games have in common.

Watch Dogs 2 allows players to manipulate their environment through technology.

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One can change the color of traffic lights, open gates, and disable people's cell phones. The amount of realism contained in Watch Dogs 2 makes it outstanding. This open-world game is super realistic, and too few people have gotten a chance to play it. Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most well-recognized open-world games of the modern era. According to polygon.

Visiting quaint towns and settlements like Strawberry or the tropical island of Guarma provides a thrill, unlike anything we've seen before. As of now, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the most realistic open-world game period. Naive, passionate, and modest. By Logan Sawyer Updated Dec 22, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists. Logan Sawyer Articles Published Naive, passionate, and modest.

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The Grand Theft Auto series have produced some amazing games in the last 20 years.

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Games that typically contain a large world that you are free to explore in any order you like.

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The Grand Theft Auto series have produced some amazing games in the last 20 years.