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That sound. The sound that sounds so painful yet so relieving. The sound that just might decide things for me.

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Ugh, I think I've just taken 10 years off my life, and back is killing me. Do I regret it?

But anyway, I've wanted for a while now to do a redraw of some of my earliest InuKag fanarts to show how far I've come from how I started out. InuYasha's artstyle actually really helped me improve in drawing human anatomy and this piece was when I was just started to get better at it. It was originally part of this little series I started and never finished where I basically drew out illustrations of the many different stages of Inukag's relationship, from 2 people who hated each other, to the lovers who crossed time to be together.

And yes, I'm aware I spelt "comrades" wrong; it was too late to fix it since I was using markers at the time. Despite the back pains and acts I got from redoing this piece, I still had a lot of fun redrawing something I did years ago and seeing how much progress I've made since then. I tried to keep in mind the smaller details from the original, like the Shikon Jewel, but simply tried to make them more stylized and not in as awkward positions in the redo.

I didn't do the monster eyes this time because I felt they's be distracting, so those are the only things I left out. And if your wondering, yes, that is meant to be the Red String of Fate. It was a recurring theme from my little series that I really felt like should still have been in the redraw, but be a more prominent focus, so I had it surround Inu and Kagome to bring attention to them visually, but also to drive home the fact that they are soulmates and connected by the string.

So that's it! Again, I'm really happy with this, and it both made me smile and cringe to see this old fanart I did when I was so new to fandom, but I think it's important that we revisit and appreciate our old art and stories because we had to start somewhere, and seeing our old work really shows us how much we've grown and improved, so don't ever be ashamed or embarrassed if you see your old art or stories, because that was your Beginning, and that's something to be appreciated. I don't know if I'll do tomorrow's prompt.

My back really does hurt, so I think Imma give myself a reprieve tomorrow. Tags: artistefish xfangheartx zelink-inukag lostinfantasyworlds disneysooner keichanz clearwillow lemonlushff stillunderyourbed lavendertwilight89 ruddcatha born-for-eachother kaze-ranna sailorbabydoll92 cstormsinukagblog juliatheanimelover7. Lonely Wolf Lonely Sheep Mizutani Fuka Fuka Mizutani manga manga cap mangacap shoujo ai shojo ai mangacaps manga caps manga girls cover art manga cover colour manga gl the red string of fate.

Do you believe in the red string of fate? I see the string in a platonic and romantic way. I was featured for dramionefanfictionwriters throwback Thursday! I chose to rewrite an excerpt from The Red String of Fate, my first dramione fic that I took seriously and finished. I mean, don't you at least want to give it a fair chance? Would I have ever accepted his advances if I didn't? However, it seemed she'd realized in the same instant that it just wasn't feasible.

It's freezing outside. Her eyes widen for a moment, and he thinks he's caught as the wheels in her head turn.

And there's a flicker, something small that will raise a doubt in the months to follow, but she doesn't confront him. Hermione glances at his arms, his sleeves shoved up from when he grabbed her, that are on either side of her head while his palms are planted on the door. She nodded as she's caged between him and the wall, though their bodies don't touch.

You hardly ever do. So let's start with this: every time you're alone with him, I'm terrified I get that call again. That I miss it, and you're hurting somewhere without me there to make it better.

The red string of fate

Turning toward him, Hermione swallowed. Draco raked his fingers through his hair.

Her name fell away from him in a rasp. His features have softened as long, slender fingers wrap around the crook of her elbow. Her back met the wall, and she was caged against him. You know that. Unable to reply, Hermione focused on the veins that stood out from his forearms—where his sleeves were pushed up.

He laughed, and it sounded miserable. Ruth is dark skinned with short blue hair. She wears glasses and a sweater. Peri has medium toned skin with dark purple-tinted hair. She wears a blue coat and white mittens.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The outline of the drawing is done is sparkly blue gel pen. The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. Draco Malfoy has been the best friend of Hermione Granger since they were born. And he knows everything about her, except that he didn't fully understand he was in love with her until she started dating Ron Weasley.

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