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Name: Alexi

How old am I: 30
Ethnic: Argentine
Eye tint: I’ve got enormous gray-blue eyes
Color of my hair: I have wavy hair
What I like to drink: Absinthe
What I prefer to listen: Reggae
I like piercing: I don't have piercings
Smoker: Yes

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Thread starter StalkerRoguen Start date Jun 25, female heroine male protagonist rpg hentai games new rpg maker mv turn-based rpg. First Prev 4 of 6 Go to. ed Dec 6, Messages Reputation score Re: Rinet's Quest take a look! Just had a question. Do you update monthly or just whenever you feel like?

ed Jun 2, Messages 94 Reputation score 3. Woah, nice find! Thanks man! Well if you inspect the carriage again after the fight the scene will play again and you will enter the same fight again. Its not really that big of a deal but I supposed it shouldn't happen, you can grind that same fight all you want.

StalkerRoguen Demon Girl. ed Jun 22, Messages 59 Reputation score 7. How did this one passed? Ok, fixed. Thank you guys.

ed Apr 14, Messages 50 Reputation score 2. Just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to taking a look at your game.

Quite honestly I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more attention. Just wanted to give you a quick review since you've been really good about releasing everything free to the public, and feedback might help inspire you to keep up with it.

Things I Liked: 1 Very detailed, well fleshed out world and combat system. I haven't really played so many MV games, but the system you have is a really cool way to take advantage of the dual protagonist thing you got going. Explaining how and why powers work is also cool. Custom spriting is always a plus.

[new] rinet's quest ver

Whichever artist you tapped is really good at what they do. I never got the sense that they were cookie cutter characters or just flip sides of the other. This might be a commission problem, but in general I felt that most of the H content was only accessible through side quests.

Rinet quest not sure if this was by de or not, but weaving it in a bit more might help keep people engaged. Text-based H just doesn't do it for me. Seems like your English is fluent, but a lot of your audience here probably isn't. If you cap it a bit then you might be able to expand your player base.

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Your artist if it isn't you seems up to the task, and this might be easier than full blown CG's. Plus it might be reusable. Screens are all good, but tell us about the story, what kind of content you want to put in fetish wise or notkeep the change log in front so its easily accessible, etc. Check out the s for Alansya Chronicles and Aylia's Story if you need decent examples. Pretty much make it your Patreon Summary, but mini. If the shadows didn't, give us something before it that will so we don't freak out after and play it over again unnecessarily.

In the end I think you're doing well! Don't let this review colour things for your either way, and feel free to debate or reject anything I say rinet quest. Just wanna to tell you to keep at it if this is what you're passionate about. Good luck. The game is not rinet quest well enough for me to pay for new HCGs If I try to make the game more slowly, it would not be fair to my patreons. To tell you the truth, I had the impression that I was not writing very much Plotwise or h-content?

Or the two?

I mean, in the first H-content of the game, there is alot of "oh Perhaps I will rewrite some of that I have mixed feelings about that. I want people to play and choose with their gut, so I don't know how much I should spoil about the decisions What I can say is that the only decision that didn't "matter" was the "Gamaz is thristy", aside from that one, every decision matter. Perhaps the point is how much they matter? Killing all, some or none of the shadows have good repercussions and bad ones, "do what you want".

I think the next update will answer all that PS: To tell you the truth, in my original plan, there was not a full h-scene on the prologue Only the "where you pass the night" ones. I put all that because I felt it was lacking H-content ed Aug 11, Messages Reputation score I honestly don't know. There are great scenes in the game:. Last edited: Dec 15, Exsalent Demon Girl Master. ed Aug 16, Messages Reputation score 3.

Fights are ok but there is looong sections of game that only heal that you have is potions so stack alot of them! Personaly i ran out of potions times and had to load earlies save to have any change to continue. You don't feel like you are "progressing" for hscenes. Spoiler - The first pair of scenes at the library came very fast and without rinet quest development.

Especially for Diana, we barely got to know her and she already had sex with an old guy And I don't mind the old guy. Quite the contrary, I like it dirty. It just happened too fast. And they were announced long before they happened.

And that's not fun, at least for me. Out of the blue, a trivial scenes with characters we barely met. I actually choose to avoid them, just because both felt out of place.

Last edited: Dec 16, Rinet quest Man Demon Girl Pro. ed Feb 9, Messages Reputation score 9. Still, i feel like it's a very good RPG with H-scenes, they're integrated in the story but not really in the gameplay, if you know what i mean. Well, i didn't re-try the game from the beginning nor the last version so that might be changing according to a screenshoot above. Maybe you should also make an effort into advertising. Your game definitely deserves more attention and support and i'm sure it's going to happen.

I am just here to say that version 0. Link in my ature Demidemon Well, you spoke the truth about the game and I like to comment on it as well. In the actual update Ch1 I started a new mechanic that let the party member have two bars, "respect" and "affection". You, futurely, will have the opportnity to unlock new H-scenes using these status. I didn't try to put them before, because in the prologue, they would be irrelevant

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