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I'll be posting pix I like of boobs I think are hot, it will be mostly big titties, but I'm an open minded equal opportunity tittist so whatever strikes my fancy will be posted. As with all my blogs I'll also be looking for submissions from followers or any gals feeling bold. If you're not the bustiest, please don't let that keep you from submitting. Tits are great no matter what. Submit through tumblr itself or directly to: canicurgoods gmail.

Name: Trixy

Age: 23
Meeting with: Male
What is my hair: I have got ash-blond hair
What is my figure type: I'm quite overweight
My favourite drink: Ale
Stud: Tragus piercing

I love bimbofication, slutification, transformation etc. I want cowgirl bimbos, gamer bimbos who edge well gaming and streaming. Strong farmer himbos who can't use a phone but are always down to fuck and mow your lawn for you. Programmer bimbos who are the best at their jobs but can only do it while plugged and sucking a dildo.

The bimbo mechanic girl getting her ass fucked while she waits for the oil to drain from the farmboy's tractor she is fixing. Hunky buff bimbos who spend all day lifting weights, and heavy things for other bimbos. Protecting everyone from any mean jerks. My bimbosona uses power tools with ease and can build a deck without breaking a sweat but doesn't understand why you keep staring at her when she's in her work short-shorts and crop top. Gaining for Ms. Cocksucking pills Tags: Cock sucking, drugs, futa, cock addiction.

Injections Tags: Breast Expansion, drugs, cum addiction, cock sucking, mind break. My mysterious transformation into an Asian bimbo part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8part 9part 10part 11 Tags: Asian, male to female transformation, bimbofication, breast expansion, cock sucking, cum addiction. Fuckmeat Tags: Breast Expansion, cum inflation, mind break, amputation, fucked stupid, Futa.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Instagram Titty Star part 1part 2 Tags: breast implants, breast expansion, bimbofication. Plastic surgery, air inflation, weight gain, drugs? Plastic surgery and weight gain are just fine, but as a total fantasy having pills or injections I could let myself get addicted to would be sooooooo hot! I love almost all types of breast expansion, but I have to agree that BE drugs might be the hottest for one reason in particular.

With any medication, even imaginary ones, you have to wait for it to take effect, and sometimes you don't know how long that will take. Think about it, almost everyone has a story or a friend with a story of their first time with an edible i. If you take that same concept, and apply it being impatient for your tits to blow up and let's face it, anyone taking inflation drugs is going to be impatient you'll take more to make it happen faster.

At that point, you're committed, you've relinquished control on what happens next and all you can do is sit and wait for your balloons to get bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER no way of knowing when it will stop or even IF it will stop. You'll small fake boobs tumblr the helpless victim of your own booby-greed, completely transfixed by how it feels to grow out of control.

Would you try to keep your dosage at the recommended levels? Or would you try to push your limits?

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I love your stuff glad you are posting again. I would love to give it a whirl. I am feeling adventurous, can I get as many spins as possible. Bigger and faker the better. This is a play on words, of course. This is similar, in that you are going to have very wide hips, but it also gives you a very distinctive sway to your walk, meaning you better give objects and people a wide berth, unless you want to knock into them.

Only with extreme concentration can you stop yourself. This should be quite the effect. You have a sort of creepy smile. It could be any of things.

The Zone and the surrounding Edge bars in particular are very much a jungle where the smart and the strong thrive. In many ways, drinking there is a thrill sport of sorts. There are YouTube channels dedicated to thrill-seekers who make it a point to get as close to Alphas or the various arcane practitioners that populate The Zone and getting away without consequences. Just ask Taylor, who went to The Zone to impress her boss and ended up a baby factory for a potent Alpha, helplessly afflicted with pregnancy brain.

A cross-dresser might find themselves targeted by an Alpha regardless. But a cross-dresser might also find themselves targeted by a predatory Alpha futa, perhaps one with arcane abilities. How hard is it to say no to cock, right?

And damn, she smells good. Really good.

Feminine and hot. Pulling you away from the crowd. Into a back hallway.

Twisting reality

Her scent is filling your nostrils, your lungs. Her breath on your cheek is making you wriggle like a slut in heat.

What the fuck? Pressing your face to her panties. To her pussy. Her scent is so strong, so overwhelming. Her fingers are entwined in your hair, holding your head in place as she rubs her pussy against your face, claiming your face. She comes, her juices covering your cheeks and chin. Your eyelids are heavy. You feel different. You feel her wrapping something around your throat and you hear a click.

And then she walks away, leaving you on your knees, your face covered with her wetness, her taste dominating your mouth. A locked black collar. Her girly playtoy. I just had the old ones pumped up.

So much saline; small fake boobs tumblr much as possible. I was wondering how all the girls at this Hooters had such enormous tits and now I know! Customers are encouraged to tip not only with cash, but with tits too. They rate your service on a scale of and these high tech tank tops they make us wear make your tits grow accordingly. Considering this was my first shift and I was barely a B-cup at the start of it, I think I had quite a few satisfied customers. Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Bimbo mommies raising kids, baking and cooking meals.

Jasgirl story list. I love almost all types of breast expansion, but I have to agree that BE drugs might be the hottest for one reason in particular Anticipation With any medication, even imaginary ones, you have to wait for it to take effect, and sometimes you don't know how long that will take Think about it, almost everyone has a story or a friend with a story of their first time with an edible i. You know this is for life, right? Hourglass Alright.

So this gives you a perfect hourglass figure. Not a bad start. Berthing Hips This is a play on words, of course. Big and fake. I think we did well here! Anonymous asked: Heyy, I know you're a make writer, but seeing your response to Kira's message What would I, a submissive semi-butch lesbian, encounter in the zone? Your body is tingling. What of you seen her do this what would you say. Lewis's new AR program does more than augment reality, it can twist it. But is the power too much? Power corrupts, absolute power Recently Liked.

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