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His father had remarried after a messy divorce, and Lori was the 19 year old daughter of his new wife Alyssa. Alyssa was in her late forties, but she looked more like a woman in her late thirties. It was obvious where Lori had gotten her looks from as she moaned softly, stirring slightly as Anthony pulled the sheets down exposing her naked body.

Name: Merci

How old am I: I am 23
Where am I from: Norwegian
Meeting with: Guy
Gender: I'm girl

H ELP. May he be devoured by his own shadow, may his name stick in every throat, may the favoring of him bind to the earth every roving foot until the nail of hatred is pulled, may his ideas twist to lance any hand which will not renounce its greed, may the churned mud of lies clot every closed heart with weakness and fear, may he and his works fall and be devoured by the teeming creatures that feast on rot and putrescence, may his ugliness be sunk into emptiness and ruin, may his name and his word turn to dust and be driven like ash before a fiery wind, never to find rest in any fertile field, nor nourish any fruit.

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In the cases of all the women who spoke out in the video, there was no justice. Their assaulters and harassers walked free because either nobody believed them or there was nothing they could do.

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The Trump tape was one of many final straws. Gifs: Humanity for Hillary. Fuck every single one of you.

What people think being bisexual is like vs. what it’s really like.

Realized how neglectful I have been to my tumblr ever since my twitter opened up. There is so much that goes into building a trusting, healthy relationship that involves some kinky stuff, and one of those things is mutual respect and equality.

Both parties respect each other and both are on equal footing outside of the bedroom.

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Something else in a BDSM relationship is aftercare, which is gently easing out of the scene and then back into reality, and resuming your normal personalities. For both parties, it is a must. It confirms that this was simply role playing, and that there is still mutual love and respect for each other.

Tip 1: make him long for it

Thirdly, to tie this back to Trump, what he said is still grossly wrong. If a woman grabbed you by the crotch without your consent, esp. If you were unattracted to her, you would be upset and might feel violated, because it IS a violation of your privacy.

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Ignoring that is disrespectful and is indeed sexual harassment. Not just anyone is allowed to kiss a person, or hold hands, they must consent to it. The same is true for sex, no matter how rough or kinky, or no matter how vanilla.

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His statements are still describing sexual harassment, and no amount of justifying it was ok because some weirdo wrote a book about a subject she knew nothing about will make that any different. Burn every copy of 50 shades because it is disgusting and degrading to men, women, and the BDSM community. And fuck trump and his sexism. I do apologize for lack of gender neutral terms, but as this person is super conservative and a hard head, I decided to go the path of least resistance when it came to genders.

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I have a keen interest in it, and at one point was looking for a relationship that was heavy into BDSM play, but am now in a relationship that incorporates elements of kinkier intimacy, but has not delved too deep. I may have misrepresented the community unintentionally.

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If you have anything to add to this post, any info that could be helpful to continue to shut that meme down, or a more informed POV, please comment. Please al boost this. See you all soon.

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Rate tumblr. And we all lift.

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And we all lift together. I wish for someone to leave something in my ask.

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I just want to feel safe in my own country…. I curse Donald Trump and I curse his ideas. I invoke the Hex of Obsolescence.

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Here it is. Top Photos.

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Shelly, 23, was my girlfriend from the beginning of my college.

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I scanned the faces on the crowded train, many looked hot and flustered.

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When he arrived home, as stunned as John was to see how seductive his gorgeous brunette wife, Tara, looked in her emerald silk lingerie, he was utterly shocked to see his seductive blonde administrative assistant, Kristen, from the office appear from the shadows of his bedroom, wearing the exact same thing none the less.

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I watch Zoe as she crosses the room from bar to sofa.

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Today was the most horrible day of my life.

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My story took place while I was at a business trip, giving seminars for my company last summer.