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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

Name: Muffin

Years old: 29
What is my nationaly: I'm irish
Sexual identity: Gentleman
Color of my hair: Silky hair
I can speak: Russian
Body piercings: None

Hentai Foundry… As mentioned in picture, the approval process is unappealing.

Especially since I tried Hentai Foundry when I was starting out, and really, being denied because you are not good enough does not feel good. Newgrounds went there too! Will see how it pans out.

Furaffinity Yeah, I am there too, though not sure about it. So today I logged onto my computer, already in a bad mood. I switch on Discord, only to find my inbox blown up, and a few dozen of my friends, whom are all artists, panicking over the news that Tumblr is banning sexual content.

Without their fans and patrons, and a means to reliably contact them, artists will struggle to advertise commissions and Patrons. They lack a medium to post their work on, as they promise their supporters they will, and they have no way to inform their followers where to find them, without losing YEARS of progress building up their fan base.

What Tumblr oppai is doing is just not okay. Child porn and sex bots could have been solved using a proper filtering system and a team to review posts. They opted NOT to do that. From here on out, I will be posting my illustrations, my sketches, and even my doodles, on Twitter, and Newgrounds. I will not support a site that so blatantly rids artists of their income and wipes their fanbase, simply because they cater to an adult audience. Want to support me and my work?

So go give them some love, and follow them on their Twitter and other s. So, as things stand, the first is about to become the second. While I try to keep upbeat about things, this is a huge gut punch for someone like me, that is an artist without huge traction online.

I started posting my arts under this name and blog almost a year ago, seeing my follower base slowly, excruciatingly so sometimes, climb up. Now it seems that that progress is about to be stomped back to starting s. Rather disheartening if I am to be blunt, as far as traction goes, I am basically about to get all but put back to starting spot.

You all can help.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Reblog if you can and will or something, or at the very least me tumblr oppai twitter. It might not seem like much but getting at least those few dozen likes on my drawings has been huge motivator to me. This is a really sad moment to me. And for that, I am eternally grateful to both the thousands of people that clicked the follow button to see my art, and to this site for providing me a platform to express myself.

So, I guess this is a goodbye to the tumblr that, for a long time, gave me such purpose. I hear twitter is pretty fashionable these days.

Chichi chichi oppai

You can find me on there at:. I hate to beg, but please - reblogs count now more than ever. Thank you. I started this blog almost a year a go, finally had some following going on, and now I am going to probably lose most of it. But I hope that I keep at least some of you in other platforms.

If you have suggestions of other platforms, I am all ears! Hentai Foundry also came up, but I have bad experience with that from the time I was still starting, and due to them having approval and vetting on the submissions. I do not think people should be discouraged by such things, so I am reluctant on going there. Posts Ask me anything Scarlet Comet Archive.

Helping out I guess? Supporting reblogz! Evacuation plan!

Helping reblog. To all my followers. I love you all. Good times. Reblogging other artists to halp. All good things must come to end So, as all the rage has been, Tumblr is banning NSFW content, which, while not all I draw, is good portion of it.

So, do comment suggestions, and I hope to garner your support in future too! Top Photos.

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