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Veqvil patreon, I'd like hunting for friend that veqvil patreon hustlers

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter veqvil Start date Oct 29, 3dcg anal sex animated big tits horror incest male domination male protagonist masturbation milf paranormal romance sci-fi sex toys superpowers vaginal sex voyeurism. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to .

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Go to. First Prev of Go to. Canto Forte Devoted Member. Jul 10, 11, 11, Patreon is not for business and neither is this site. If any were, most would not be here.

Artists live by art - there is no two ways about it. One can set up patreon for pretty much anything. As so many others have demonstrated, breaking up games into episodes dedicated to certain characters gets string off of the whole process. They had enough of solid games and take long hiatus by providing support and cosmetics to games already released. If a part time hobby game maker gets depressed, what are full time programmers supposed to have for a life?!?! Those are not games and certainly not entertaining, yet most programmers get that as a job!

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By definition, a hobby does not get anybody down. A hobby lifts them up. Lift off everybody! Go dream, go fly, go reach those stars! Oct 6, 78 He said he doesn't expect people to keep supporting him but if he was truthful about that, he would pause the payments on the project since that's where the patreons money goes to.

I wish him the best but he shouldn't profit off something people pay for but don't get.

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Reactions: VamoribigpenniserZangs07 and 18 others. Ilfenis New Member.

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Feb 7, 11 Reactions: GremphreadomGoronthil and 1 other person. Karabonga Member. Dec 11, Does Veqvil have Discord and is it open to the public? If yes, can someone please provide the link for that. Banshee Member. Oct 29, Karabonga said:.

May 3, Een Vieze Vent Active Member.

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Aug 5, 2, Saw it coming while waiting longer and longer for new info about the release and the lack of communication from the dev. Sad to see that another project that surely is one of my personal favorites is coming to a standstill, though understandable. Personal health and a stable life situation has to be a priority above else, just wished that Veq would have rang the bell earlier to inform his patrons and other people about his situation.

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UncleVT Yours is mine and mine too Moderator. Jul 2, 9, 69, This has been clear since the delay in the last update. What he says is stupid, empty, implausible excuses. People trying to be "understanding" and "supporting" are ridiculous. Reactions: sr. Sep 9, 1, 7, LucienK Nope, including my day job though.

Oct 1, There is also animation, lighting, post work, coding, proofing, marketing, creating custom environments, custom textures, custom shaders, custom morphs in zbrush, finding the proper assets, looking for music, editing music, video editing, the list goes on. I don't just drop crap in the game and click a button. I try to make sure everything looks good on every single shot. Sure, some veqvil patreon will just throw shit together quick but some of us actually try to make a quality product. That takes time.

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Reactions: ttllMrManagerfz and 27 others. Oct 13, 2, 4, Reactions: Trapezio. TheNR Newbie. Apr 24, 76 GhostPhil said:. Breaking the silence with bad news. Ignatz What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow Donor. Feb 17, 3, 9, The endless and often fruitless attempt to explain the creative drive versus the monetary drive. Many developers out there are invested in their games emotionally.

Yes, the "category" is adult games, but that doesn't mean a developer has to automatically jettison creativity, imagination and commitment to quality.

There are also some developers who prefer to focus on generating a consistent cash flow without delving too far down the "thinking" path. Their games can run the gamut from entertaining to drek, but still manage to grab some support.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the second group provided they don't claim to be of the first group. Some of those may indeed have "big ideas" but are looking to grab some funding first.

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Devs like Philly and Veq went in head and feet first. Sometimes, they survive the venture as Philly narrowly did and sometimes the venture chews them up. And sometimes, the venture is left an innocent victim of the undeniable fact that most developers have regular lives which do not specifically revolve around the game creation.

And, if those developers are like most of us, their lives will have times where it all goes sideways. I am saddened and excited by Veq's news.

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