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So you are now one of the millions of women who learned she has a husband with fantasies about you having sex with other men. Welcome to our club. Maybe you have even reached that point where there is no need for me to tell you how lucky you are. You were living the married life thinking that you knew your husband better than he knew himself.

Name: Ninnetta

Years old: 23
Where am I from: Finnish
Hair: White
Figure type: My figure type is quite slender
What I like to listen: Techno
I have tattoo: None

I always find it curious.

Because if you have this attitude you are either invincible, rich, or a fool. I used to be in this tech nerd community and there was this older fella who slowly revealed himself to be a super right wing asshat. He complained about immigrants mooching, black people mooching, poor people mooching… everybody was mooching his taxes. Meanwhile, he was 65 and working hard.

Paying his own way. Doing things proper like a good American. Boy, was he mad.

The first thing every morning.

He started posting links to his Paypal asking people to donate. He got furious at people because no one would give him money. Called us all bad people for not helping him in his time of need. He had to move to a smaller place.

Who wants to be an edge puppet?

Sell a lot of his tech. Even after his experience, he viewed himself as different than other people trapped in the safety net. He deserved more because he had a bootstrap attitude. That he was no more or less deserving than them.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Are you set for life? If you were in an accident and unable to work ever again, would you be able to live comfortably and manage your expenses? Think about that. And think about the fact that disability pays less than minimum wage.

What changes would you have to make to accomplish that? Use your imagination and really try to put yourself in those shoes.

It is maybe 4 months of having slightly less financial anxiety. That anxiety is a part of my life. It is inescapable and I have conceded it will always be there. I can reallocate that anxiety to the world being on fire and worrying about my dad getting sick.

But then you look at companies like Amazon who used loopholes to pay no taxes. They also got cities to subsidize offices and warehouses. So not only did they not pay taxes, we paid them for the honor of giving people low wage jobs with poor benefits and dubious working conditions. What about our F fighter jet program? But we will spend a trillion dollars on them anyway.

What about oil subsidies? An industry that has never struggled to turn a profit. Just look at pictures of Dubai and ask yourself why we are giving them subsidies. We give corporations billions upon billions of dollars even though they are making record profits.

GD Right. Reblog again.

Fortunately my disability does not keep me from working full time, but that privilege will NOT, will NEVER lead me to stop showing solidarity with people less fortunate than me. Productivity does not equal value; value does not equal self-worth. You are worth loving and protecting and securing a life for, because you are human.

Rollspelen = the roleplay in 🇸🇪ish

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Anonymous asked: People on disability shouldn't get a stimulus check, theirs should be donated to repaying all the money they've mooched off taxpayers. Then he got sick. He could not work anymore. Lost his medical insurance. His savings ran out in about 3 months.

And he became a fellow moocher.

He was so very angry. But you want me to send it back? Will reblog again and again. Nothing I can add could make this better. For hentai videos follow us on twitter For more ecchi content follow us on instagram artist - yoshio. You Can Be a Public Slut.

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